We come from a hospitality background, so people are the heart of our culture here at FUSE. Our passion is to help you and your organization thrive.  Here’s how we build a thriving workplace community:

  • Friendly, on-site concierge staff ready to help, anticipating your needs, and serving with a smile. People who know your name.

  • Food and refreshments at your fingertips — because work can’t get done if you’re hangry. Enjoy our grab and go Café’s in Prosper, Houston City Centre and Austin, or enjoy the many walkable restaurants near our FUSE locations.

  • Events that are fun, educational and just enough to give you a brain break.

  • Fitness! We’ll connect you with personal trainers, wellness programs and the best facilities in or near our spaces.

  • Atmosphere designed for creativity and productivity. Our design here at FUSE is modern, fun and happy. Whether you’re sitting in one of our coworking spaces, meeting rooms, or outdoor patios, our spaces will inspire you to get more work done.

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