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Hays County Dispatch: FUSE brings more than office space to Dripping Springs

By Megan Wehring

DRIPPING SPRINGS — For John Herring, there is a larger purpose in running his business.

The president of FUSE Workspace is bringing his vision of flexible office space to Dripping Springs, located adjacent to the Belterra residential development.

“People are looking for a different lifestyle. They are looking for a better work-life balance and we offer that,” Herring said. “We build our FUSEs where people live. We are not in downtown Austin [and]we have no plans to be in downtown Austin. We love the suburbs and really, I would say, the exurbs like Dripping Springs [and]Bee Cave.”

Services offered at the location include private offices, daily and monthly coworking passes, hourly meeting spaces and a professional business address including mail services and live telephone answering services. Amenities on-site include complimentary coffee and barista-styled drinks, Wi-Fi, print/scan/copy services, catering upon request, free on-site parking and a full-time concierge team to assist you.

While FUSE welcomes individuals and teams to rent office space, there is more to the passion behind the company. FUSE believes that businesses and people can do more in the community not only through providing products/services, but also through their time as volunteers and putting resources to use in areas where they are needed.

On a global level, FUSE partners with Master Cares, an international nonprofit that is committed to the physical and spiritual well-being of the people of Rakai, Uganda. “Every new FUSE that gets built builds a well in the country of Uganda,” Herring said. “Why a well? One, people need clean drinking water in underserved communities — it’s a must — and two, wells are where the community happens. That’s what we are trying to build. We are trying to build a place for people to come together to do life and do business.”

Master Cares strives to build a well every month. Through partnerships with other nonprofits, the organization is able to purchase microbial filters to ensure the drinking water is as clean as possible.

Under the management of several trained water engineers, Master Cares has drilled more than 95 wells and counting. Each well supplies a clean water source to an average of 1,000 people.

It costs approximately $3,700 to drill each 100-foot water well, which is considered to be a low-cost standard compared to other areas of Uganda, according to the organization.

Locally, FUSE selects 10 nonprofit organizations annually to enjoy the facilities for free and at discounted rates. “We are doing more to make the world a better place,” Herring said. “Yes, we are in it to offer a world-class office space, but really, our secret sauce is we are desiring to help the communities and world be a better place.”

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