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Doing More in the community and the world is our passion. We believe that businesses and people can be world-changers. Not just through providing their products and services, but also through their time as volunteers and their resources put to use where human and environmental needs are great. FUSE provides connecting opportunities both locally and globally to help businesses DO MORE® for our world.


There’s no better way to get involved in your local community. Click the button below to learn about one of our favorite non-profits we are involved with. All of our locations work with local non – profits from their areas.


We believe our impact can go beyond our local community. We have partnered with Master Cares, an international non-profit that is committed to the physical and spiritual well being of the people of Rakai, Uganda. 

           FUSE            NON-PROFIT


We love having non-profits in our building! We pick 10 local non - profit organizations a year to enjoy our facilities for free and at discounted rates . Let’s connect and see how Fuse can help your non-profit thrive.




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